Ways And Means

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What’s the best way to make money after you retire? Well – you could take part in online surveys, you could sell digital photographs, you could trade items on eBay, you could teach an online course, you could write an ebook

After I stop laughing, I have to remind myself that:

  • My parents don’t own a computer
  • My parents don’t know how to use a computer
  • My parents can, therefore, do none of the above-mentioned

Okay, they can still invest their money the old-fashioned way and they could look through their old crap (sorry, stuff) and find out if any of it has any real value whatsoever.

Or… they can continue to complain about the rising cost of gasoline (they don’t own a car), keep cutting out coupons and only shop for sale items (whether or not they need them) and, like the rest of America, decide how the country ‘should’ be run – if they were actually in the driver’s seat!


2 thoughts on “Ways And Means

  1. I must take issue with this because although I own a computer and use it vigorously and appreciate it immensely, I don’t think it makes me a better citizen. I wish your folks were more computer friendly because there is so much information and fun available to them in their own home via the computer. But there are plenty of ways to be an informed citizen without one. And your parents are responsible, informed voters. Wisdom comes in many ways. Think of Thoreau and Walden Pond.

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    • I truly wasn’t being critical of their choices but, rather, laughing at the absurdity of leaving all their worldly possessions in the hands of outdated and, in some cases no-longer-existing, old-fashioned ‘ways and means’ (such as 50+ years old lawyers and doctors who have probably been dead for ages). Also, by not entering into the ‘new age,’ they are severely diminishing their input into current and future affairs.


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