It Wasn’t Me

Evernote Snapshot 20150609 104658

When our kids were toddlers we heard, “it wasn’t me,” when crayon drawings suddenly appeared on the wall. “It wasn’t me” rang throughout the house after each broken glass vase or spilled milk puddle was discovered.

As our kids got older, “it wasn’t me” referred to anything from a sibling screaming bloody murder (from being hit or taunted or… just to get their older sibling in trouble) to the refrigerator door being kept open in the hot summer months to food-stained dishes remaining unwashed for extended periods of time.

In our transitioning years (sometimes called the sandwich generation), we might be the ones shouting that all too familiar refrain, “it wasn’t me,” when the last postage stamp is used or the TP goes un-replaced. Or it might be our “my bad” when the keys are locked inside the car or (worse) inside the house.

Or maybe it’s time to man up and take responsibility for our actions – a lesson we can learn from our canine friends who, after calmly farting and stinking up a room, will just lie down and act as if nothing at all had happened!


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